Our first FAQ for Defenders of the Last Stand can be found in the forum here.

We have been experiencing intermittent problems with our eCommerce.  If you have any problems feel free to email us at support@8thsummit.net.  We are upgrading the site and problems crop up on occasion that sometimes don’t allow buyers to checkout and pay for orders.

We will be at Dice Tower Con next week demoing Defenders of the Last Stand, Mythos Tales,  Little Adventurers’ Club, Saving Time,  and Superhero Solitaire!  We will update pictures on Facebook throughout the week. Be sure to Like us on Facebook!


Introducing the Soloverse game system in Superhero Solitaire.  Take a look here!

MAY 25

We are upgrading the website!  If you notice something not working properly, we are actively working on it.  Feel free to use our contact form to email us.  The checkout system is working fine.This year we have a lot of products going retail that have been in the works for years, the first two will be Defenders of the Last Stand and Mythos Tales.  We will be making an announcement very soon about an exciting new product.

MAY 06

8th Summit is at Cool Mini Expo. Richard is showing off Defenders of the Last Stand to the Dice Tower in this video.  You may preorder Defenders direct from this website.  Defenders is printed and will be on the boat this month.  We plan to release to retailers early August.

 April 08

Avclub takes a look at Cold War themed board games and Agents of SMERSH is reviewed. Take a look.

March 10

Sorry for delay getting this up, but here is the order page for Mythos Tales if you want it shipped to the EU or CANADA.  Lots of requests for this.  We have been so busy!


You can still preorder MYTHOS TALES Kickstarter edition here.

Jan 28

Sign up for our newsletter (right) so you can be notified:  MYTHOS TALES will launch Monday, Feb 1st!  We also plan to soon allow more pre-orders for Defenders of the Last Stand Kickstarter edition within the next 1-2 weeks.  Make sure you sign up!

Dec 30

2015 is almost over, and it’s been a busy year. We’ve made amazing progress on our biggest game yet, Defenders of the Last Stand, and as we’re wrapping up development on that game, we’re beginning major development on another anticipated title: Mythos Tales (formerly Arkham Investigator). Over the coming weeks, we’ll be finishing up cases, gathering art assets, laying out the game, and launching the Kickstarter. Check back with us regularly for news on both Mythos Tales and for the discounted pre-order of Defenders of the Last Stand. Until next time, thank you for an amazing 2015, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016! We’ll see you then!

DEC 28

Everywhere we show off Defenders of the Last Stand,  an epic 2-3 hour game, nearly everyone at the table asks how they can get their hands on a Kickstarter copy.   It is proving to be one of the easiest our  games to get folks enthusiastic about. Mark you calendars,  sometime in February we plan to make the Kickstarter version of Defenders available for pre-order on this website.  The price will be a little higher than the original offer but less than full retail and plus it will come with the Kickstarter extra characters – four additional miniatures.

NOV 12

8th Summit, along with Richard Launius, with be at MACE this weekend, running and selling games.  Stop by our table in the vendor room or look for us running full games in the vendor or board game rooms.   MACE is Nov 13-15 in Charlotte, NC.


Looks like we lost some updates below so it skips to June 21st Coven and RFD expansion will be here in two weeks.  We will start shipping orders then. Our next project GODS OF ADVENTURE will go live next month in October.  Stay tuned for that game.  We will be introducing a fun way to Kickstart a game!


We are off to Dice Tower Con Tuesday morning.  I will be shutting down the shopping cart for at least 2 days.  I’ll reopen the cart later in the week. Tomorrow I should receive a production copy of Coven to take with us to Dice Tower where the designer, Paul Saxberg, will run the game. There is a scheduled event for Coven in a private room, if you are attending Dice Tower.  I don’t know if spots are still available but if so you will want to sign up fast. No worries if you miss it, as we will both be in the board game room and will be available to run full games there. I also should have Little Adventurers’s Club, and I will run a single scheduled game in a private room…with I don’t know how many kids. It will be interesting to see the responses to both of these games. They have both been cooking in the oven for a REALLY LONG TIME – especially Little Adventurers’, which still has some cooking left to do.  Thanks to Will Kenyon, who is now helping me finish Little Adventurers’ Club,  it may be possible that we will see the published game by this year’s end. He’s been working on it feverishly.


We are shipping to Kickstarter backers first for the Agents of SMERSH campaign and then for the first wave for the Run Fight or Die Running Late campaign.  After that, by the end of next week, we will start shipping pre-orders made from this website.  Thanks for your patience


First off, the products security SSL expired (we missed that email warning), and we are updating that today. So if you get security errors we are aware and fixing. DEFENDERS OF THE LAST STAND is scheduled to go live on Kickstarter May 14th.  Sign up with your email (just right of this message) and you will be notified when it goes live.  This game will be our biggest yet so we have lots of cool stuff planned.

MARCH 25, 2105

We received notice that reprints of Run Fight or Die and Agents of SMERSH will be on the boat in the next week.  We will start shipping to backers as soon as they arrive,   then pre-orders from this website will go out behind shipment to backers.  If you ordered from this site, expect a package in May. Lots of exciting games in the works.  Check back here for many updates this year.

MARCH 03, 2015

Defenders of the Last Stand will be our next project to hit kickstarter.   Little Adventurers’ Club is nearly ready, so it probably won’t be far behind it. We have several projects finishing soon that have been in the works for some time. We will create a page for Defenders of the Last Stand within the next 4-6 weeks with more information.  Currently, we have only added pictures from the game to BGG, but only a few.  It’s going to be our biggest game to date. Check out our new forum.  We set it up only a few weeks ago, but it will eventually be the place to go to download rulebooks and print and play games.  We just added two free print and play cases for Arkham Investigator, a game to be published next year.  Also, solo rules for Run Fight or Die are complete and will be added to the forum soon. The solo game is different every time you play.  You start the game with two “traits” that limit what you can do. There are 14 traits so the mix can vary wildly.  You play through four game sessions and in the final battle you must face off against the Mutant.  Solo game has around 30 new cards. The first wave of reprints will arrive next month.  In the summer we will receive the 2nd wave of Run Fight or Die (Big Box and Running Late expansion). Jason and Richard will be at GAMA in two weeks.

FEB 01, 2015

Run Fight or Die: Big Box was our biggest Kickstarter so far, ending at 116k.  We are off to a great start in 2015.  We have enough support to keep moving along steadily on all our upcoming projects, which seems to be ever expanding.  We’ve added Arkham Investigator to the lineup of upcoming games – a storytelling game that is a direct child of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

Coven, which funded in December is almost ready for the printer. We are putting final touches on the expansion as we wait for the five highly detailed illustrations of the five Goddesses.  We have three of those completed and the last two should follow quickly.  We have high hopes that once Coven releases it will be one of those sleeper hits. The mechanics are very tight and the game length and complexity is perfect for the current market. The theme is unique, as is the gameplay.

We will be at GAMA in March. We feel comfortable that we have enough to show off from our current and upcoming releases to impress retailers and distributors.   Below are more titles to look forward to this year. We also have a couple games already in talks for 2016 and beyond. I  won’t mention those yet, however check our website frequently for updated information!  Oh, BOOKMARK US!

Defenders of the Last Stand – This is our biggest project yet.  Richard Launius,  Defenders of the Realm mechanics on steroids – with many additions –  set in the western, post apocalypse Arizona desert.  Game is 95% developed and artwork has been underway for six months.  Richard and I began discussing this game a year ago.   Look for it on Kickstarter, with lots of miniatures and extras, in MAY, when the new Mad Max movie releases (same week as the release of the new Avengers so there’s a lot of faith in this new film).

Little Adventurers’ Club –  Ambitious storytelling game for children. I wanted to create a game for children that matches the scope of Agents of SMERSH.   This one has been a long time coming.  Too long.  Two years in the works and there’s till a bit of work to do.  Hopefully we can present this one in this first quarter.   Design by Jason Maxwell, with contributors.

Voyages Extraordinaires (working title) –  This one is in development and is influenced by the works of Jules Verne.  It’s a game of 19th century exploration.  Players adventure out to mysterious lands to uncover artifacts, gems and investigate legends. Design by Chris Wood.

Saving Time and Dungeon Frenzy.   Both these card games by Richard Launius are fully developed and a lot of the artwork has been completed. They will be printed sometime this year.  In Saving Time players are Time Agents working together to stop an alien invasion that is causing time ripples in order to cripple human civilization. This light game has been so well received that we are moving it up our schedule early for this year.  We wanted a light small game that has that ‘Forbidden Island’ feel, and we think this one is it.

Other titles include Tales of Dread and Funhouse. 2016 publications. Akham Investigator has gained a significant following as a print and play on BGG with only two mysteries released!  We still need to write six more mysteries so this one is more likely to be late 2016.

JANUARY 6, 2015

Happy New Year from 8th Summit. Run Fight or Die has launched on Kickstarter!

DECEMBER 30, 2014

Expedition is back in stock, with the KS extras. We’ve heard from many that they cannot find retail copies of Run Fight or Die, so we thought we would post about availability of our games. Miniature Market still has a few copies of Run Fight or Die at 20% discount. You can also find copies on Amazon, but they are not discounted. In January we will be bringing back the Run Fight or Die Harder Kickstarter package with new items. Sign up to our Newsletter to make sure you get informed (look right) when that goes live.

DECEMBER 28, 2014

We will start the new year right with new Run Fight or Die offerings.  The reprint has been underway and we have new Run Fight or Die stuff to present on Kickstarter in early January. The biggest thing demanded is a Big Box to hold everything.  We plan to offer that along with the Running Late But We Are Worth It Expansion.  If you pre-ordered from this website you will get everything offered in the Kickstarter at the same level.  Feel free to pre-order the Run Fight or Die Harder package direct from us. What’s in the new expansion?  Female characters,  a new unique Die,  several cards to add to you already expanding base set, including new Locations and Loot.

DECEMBER 16 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Till Dawn is on sale for $18 shipped for a very limited time.  Also be sure to check out our current game, Coven, on kickstarter now.  Get it at a discount price for a limited time!


Click to order COVEN on Kickstarter.

NOV 22

Coven and Coven: The Village will go up for pre-order at 20% off retail and will include 2 unique promo characters this December 1st,  if the approval process from Kickstarter is not delayed by Thanksgiving. We are doing something novel with the offering of 5 illustrations for buyers to be in the game, but these offering will be for females only and their illustration will represent one of the five Goddesses in the game.  If you want to illustrate the likeness of that woman in your life – you can have her become Kali, Hel,  Lilith, Morrigan and Hecate.   It would be a perfect Christmas present, and there will be only five of these available. Coven is a very unique design and it’s a thrill working on it the past year.  The board rotates and truth be told, this is a much more “thinky” than our previous publications.  Paul Saxberg has combined theme and Euro style mechanics in way that we think the game will have broad appeal.  I’m glad he chose to publish with us. Coven: The Village is a small boxed expansion that will add an alternative center rotating board and place the game in a historical setting with event, story driven cards that enter play.  This is so we could add…well, lots of story to the game..for those who don’t mind surprises.


8th Summit will have a booth at the Southern Hobby Retail Expo running Nov 9th-11th in Nashville.  If you are a retailer and distributor and want to get a glimpse of what we have planned for 2015,  stop by.  We have several new games in the works,  including Coven,  which will go up for pre-order early December.  The illustration in our current banner above is taken from Dungeon Frenzy, a card game set to release first quarter of 2015.    Those two games are just the tip of the iceberg. Run Fight or Die and Agents of SMERSH are both reprinting and they will be ready to ship to distributors and retailers by early February.   Email us for more information if you want to get our games in your store.  If you have trouble finding our games with you distributor be sure to let them know they should be carrying 8th Summit games.   If you are a retailer,  you will also find information on our games listed in GGI’s winter edition.


Halloween is around the corner and Till Dawn will be here by the middle of next month.  We hope.  It’s on the boat.   We will ship out immediately to backers and those who order from this website and, if possible, get mailed those out before Halloween.