Spiral Galaxy and 8th Summit are proud to bring to the USA the storytelling game, Braggart.  Spiral Galaxy will be running a kickstarter and 8th Summit will distribute the game in the USA, so be sure to back the game.  Shipping will not cost USA backers international fees. In Braggart, players represent travelers at an Inn drinking and telling stories of personal heroism.  Players may challenge and correct the details of another player’s “heroic” deeds by playing cards to correct exaggerations, such as in the example below it would seem someone replaced the player’s Deed card with a card revealing what really happened while the player was under the witch’s spell.  Braggart will be up on kickstarter any day now!Boast3


Our first FAQ for Defenders of the Last Stand can be found in the forum here.

We have been experiencing intermittent problems with our eCommerce.  If you have any problems feel free to email us at  We are upgrading the site and problems crop up on occasion that sometimes don’t allow buyers to checkout and pay for orders.

We will be at Dice Tower Con next week demoing Defenders of the Last Stand, Mythos Tales,  Little Adventurers’ Club, Saving Time,  and Superhero Solitaire!  We will update pictures on Facebook throughout the week. Be sure to Like us on Facebook!


Introducing the Soloverse game system in Superhero Solitaire.  Take a look here!

MAY 25

We are upgrading the website!  If you notice something not working properly, we are actively working on it.  Feel free to use our contact form to email us.  The checkout system is working fine.This year we have a lot of products going retail that have been in the works for years, the first two will be Defenders of the Last Stand and Mythos Tales.  We will be making an announcement very soon about an exciting new product.

MAY 06

8th Summit is at Cool Mini Expo. Richard is showing off Defenders of the Last Stand to the Dice Tower in this video.  You may preorder Defenders direct from this website.  Defenders is printed and will be on the boat this month.  We plan to release to retailers early August.

 April 08

Avclub takes a look at Cold War themed board games and Agents of SMERSH is reviewed. Take a look.

March 10

Sorry for delay getting this up, but here is the order page for Mythos Tales if you want it shipped to the EU or CANADA.  Lots of requests for this.  We have been so busy!